Who are we?

We are a energetic group, young and fresh, that have noticed the issues we, as Jewish people face when trying to navigate through day to day tasks, issues and missions. Connecting with other Jewish professionals, looking for the perfect store or Restaurant, is a continuous struggle. We are committed to solving annoying contact tracing, information finding, and booking. The present has become past, and the future has become present.

we're about innovation, understanding and experience.

Built for you.

User Interface

We have spent most of our time ensuring that our users have the most pleasant experience online. We have gathered some of the most experienced professionals in the field!


We pride ourselves in having the best customer relations a customer can dream of. We will ensure any issue you are facing is sorted until the very end!

Business Acceleration

We are continuously working to bring new innovative ideas and strategies so that we can be sure we are empowering the Frumgo businesses.

What we think?

We have strong goals and a clear vision for the future of jewish life. We are creating the worlds’ largest jewish connection platform, connecting services and people, we believe time has come to explore, find and book anything anywhere, Jewish.


Pini G.

Manager of Operations

Pini is a motivated person and has what it takes to make sure everything here at Frumgo runs smoothly. Overseeing the day-2-day operations so that you receive the best usability and service.


Nathan Z.

Manager of Production

Nathan started out young with a vision to bring upon us real change for the good. He is always thinking about you, our customers, and will continue to deliver on what the company stands for.


A. F.

Manager of Development

Since Amrom was young, his mind has always been innovative. Deploying ideas into reality and ensuring things actually happen. Amrom is enthusiastic and fun, at the same time gets things done.

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Add all the possible keywords that will make your business or skill searchable and found quicker.

Boost Your Business

Receive price quote requests and interact with live customers through our built in messaging system.

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