Terms of Frumgo Affiliate Program, last updated 26/04/2020

  • Frumgo Affiliate Program refers to the affiliate referral program created by Frumgo.com. Terms and conditions are not locked and may be updated or changed at any time in the future.
  • Frumgo.com reserves the right to reject, accept or block any affiliate it wishes. This may occur if the affiliate is misusing the system in any way Frumgo.com views as misuses. Frumgo.com reserves the right to change the referral rates at any time, affecting referrals from that point on.  Rate changes will not affect any past referrals in any way.
  • Frumgo.com reserves the right to process cash payouts at its desired time, However payouts are usually processed weekly. Payouts are initially processed using PayPal. If the affiliate has no PayPal account, Frumgo.com may disregard the commission until a PayPal account is available. Frumgo.com may offer to process payouts to stripe accounts, or chase quick-pay / Bank transfer, in such case mentioned. This will be an act of good will and is not legally binding in any form.
  • Commissions payed out, will be based on a transaction approved and verified by the business that has been referred. Any issue with the transaction may result in the commission being rejected and disregarded.
  • Commissions payed out, are for referrals that have signed up for the premium or premium plus accounts, and applies to full paying customers (besides for the amount deducted from coupons given to affiliates in the affiliate area dashboard).


If you require further information regarding our policies, please email [email protected]


The Frumgo Team,